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DFA: PH defending territory, not smearing China

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 15:16
MANILA, Philippines - "Countries should be judged by their actions, not by their words."   Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Albert del Rosario said this in a statement Friday after China accused the Philippines of launching "a media campaign to smear the Chinese side."   "The Philippines makes clear that it will continue to exercise self-restraint and will not raise tension in the South China Sea.  The Philippines is not the country that has greatly increased its naval and maritime presence in the South China Sea," del Rosario said in the statement.   "Nor has it challenged freedom of navigation. Nor has it blockaded nor forcefully int...

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Fort Hood: 'Fundamental' cause ID'd

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 2014-04-04 15:12
Some victims of the shooting spree at Fort Hood may see Texas Gov. Rick Perry reaching out to shake their hands Friday afternoon, when he pays them a visit.
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To prevent summer brownouts, DoE to make power consumers subsidize the rich

Bulatlat - Fri, 2014-04-04 15:05
Under the “Interruptible Load Program” or ILP, shopping malls and factories are set to use their diesel generators this summer so that they would not have to draw power from the grid. The problems is, power consumers would be billed for it.
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Beating the summer heat

Bulatlat - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:58
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Who will benefit from Chacha? Not the poor, progressive groups say

Bulatlat - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:55
“The Philippine economy has not developed despite rising foreign investments because domestic economic policy has been biased for foreign investors at the expense of long-run national development.” – Ibon Foundation
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200 Mindanao villages enlisted in reforestation project

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:53
DAVAO CIT, Philippines—The government is aiming to turn at least 200 Mindanao villages into reforestation areas where the villagers themselves will generate at least two million seedlings of forest tree species, Malacañang's development arm in the south said Thursday.   The move came following the government's recognition that Mindanao, generally typhoon free for years, is now a typhoon- and flood-prone region.   Luwalhati Antonino, chair of the Mindanao Development Authority, said the project fell under the National Greening Program and was collaboration between Mindanao Authority, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and the Departmen...

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Railroading charter change

Bulatlat - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:51
“The fight against charter change is not about votes in Congress but about the demands of huge numbers of people gathering and forcing their district representatives not to throw support for charter change.” Part 2 | Who will benefit from Chacha? Not the poor, progressive groups say
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Secrets from set of 'Big Bang Theory'

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:43
It's one of the most famous sets on television right now.
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DFA identifies kidnapped Filipina in Malaysia

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:40
MANILA, Philippines—The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has identified the Filipina that was kidnapped in Malaysia Wednesday night.   "The Philippine Embassy in Malaysia was able to confirm from local police authorities that the identity of the Filipina kidnap victim as that of Marcelita M. Dayawan, aged 40, and a staff member at the Singamata Resort," DFA said in a statement Friday.   "Embassy officials are in touch with Ms. Dayawan’s relatives and are extending consular assistance," it said.   Dayawan was with a 29-year old Chinese woman from Shanghai when they were seized from the Singamata Reef Resort in Semporna.   There were a...

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Great: Airplane to cram in more seats

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:36
It's already capable of carrying more passengers than any other commercial aircraft, but the Airbus A380 could be about to squeeze in a few extra.
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China media: Malaysia abduction

BBC - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:33
China-Malaysia ties dominate amid the abduction a Chinese national in Sabah.
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Search area: 'Best guess we have'

CNN Top Stories - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:28
Crews put underwater search equipment in "the best location ... and kind of let them go," a U.S. Navy official says.
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Flash floods hit Solomon Islands

BBC - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:24
Flash floods kill several people and leave more than 10,000 homeless in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara, officials say.
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Tropical depression threatens to enter PH

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:19
MANILA, Philippines—The low pressure area threatening to enter the Philippine area of responsibility intensified into a tropical depression, the state weather bureau said Friday.   It remained over the Pacific and was forecast to enter the PAR by Sunday or Monday, Fernando Cada of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration told   If it enters PAR, it will be locally named "Domeng."   The tropical depression was forecast to make landfall by Wednesday or Thursday.   Cada said it could still intensify in the coming days as it remained at sea, although it could also weaken.   "All ...

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‘Breaking Bad’ actor’s memoir due in fall 2015

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 14:04
  NEW YORK — Bryan Cranston is going to share some "secrets and lies."   The Emmy-winning actor, known for his role as Walter White in "Breaking Bad," has a deal with Scribner for what is described as a "deeply candid" memoir.   Scribner announced Thursday the book is due out in the fall of 2015. It is currently untitled.   The 58-year-old Cranston said in a statement issued by Scribner that he promises to disclose the "secrets and lies" he endured while starring in "Breaking Bad." He said that from his tortured TV character he learned both "useful" and "dangerous" lessons.   Cranston also is known for his featured role in the Osc...

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Coast Guard joins search for kidnappers

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 13:56
MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Coast Guard has directed its stations in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi to closely coordinate with the military and police units trying to intercept suspected Abu Sayyaf bandits who abducted a Filipino woman and a Chinese national from a resort in Sabah, Malaysia, on Wednesday.   Commander Armand Balilo, the PCG spokesperson, said Friday that PCG units in the region had been tasked to "intensify their patrols and closely coordinate with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police."   Six armed men snatched the Filipino victim, a 40-year-old resort receptionist, and the Chinese national, a 28-year-old tourist from...

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Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 87, hospitalized

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 13:55
MEXICO CITY—Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been hospitalized in Mexico City with lung and urinary tract infections that are responding to treatment, federal health officials and the author's son said Thursday. The 87-year-old Nobel laureate entered the hospital Monday suffering from the infection and from dehydration, Mexico's Secretary of Health said in a written statement. "The patient has responded to treatment. Once he's completed his course of antibiotics his discharge from the hospital will be evaluated," the statement said. The author's son Gonzalo said there had been no medical emergency and he expected his father to leave the hospital early next wee...

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Aftershocks rattle Chile as military keeps order

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 13:51
IQUIQUE, Chile — Coastal residents of Chile's far north spent a second sleepless night outside their homes as major aftershocks continued Thursday following a magnitude-8.2 earthquake that damaged several thousand homes and caused six deaths.   No new major damage or casualties were reported, and a heavy police and military presence kept order.   The infrastructure in the area is nearly entirely intact, but with aftershocks continuing, life has been anything but normal. Power remains out in many areas, and hospitals were handling only emergencies. Schools were closed, and large supermarkets and gas stations coordinated their reopenings Thursday with police and...

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Huge security as Afghan poll looms

BBC - Fri, 2014-04-04 13:47
There is huge security in Afghanistan as presidential candidates prepare for Saturday's vote, which will be the first democratic transfer of power.
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White House defends ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest

Inquirer - Fri, 2014-04-04 13:45
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration defended its creation of a Twitter-like Cuban communications network to undermine the communist government, declaring the secret program was "invested and debated" by Congress and wasn't a covert operation that required White House approval.   But two senior Democrats on congressional intelligence and judiciary committees said Thursday they had known nothing about the effort, which one of them described as "dumb, dumb, dumb." A showdown with that senator's panel is expected next week, and the Republican chairman of a House oversight subcommittee said that it, too, would look into the program.   An Associated Press investig...

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