.MOV International, Film, Music & Literature Festival: ZERO DEGREES of SEPARATION FIlm Schedule


September 2, Friday

1pm, Cine Adarna:
Nikalexis A
Silvershorts 1. JAN PHILIPPE V. CARPIO: Coverage
Premiere 1: HOW TO LIVE IN A GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC - Harun Farocki (Germany, 1hr23mins)

3pm, Cine Adarna:
Nikalexis B
Silvershorts 2. RICHMOND GARCIA: Numbalikdiwa
Premiere 2: OUR BELOVED MONTH OF AUGUST - Miguel Gomes ( Portugal )

September 3, Saturday

1pm, Cine Adarna:
Nikalexis C
Silvershorts 3. TIMMY HARN: Panty
Premiere 3: Khavn De La Cruz: PAHINGA [BREATHER]

3pm, Cine Adarna:
Nikalexis D
Silvershorts 4. CHUCK HIPOL: Man of the House
Premiere 4: DAD - Vlado Skafar (Slovenia, 1hr11mins)

September 5, Monday

1pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis E
Silvershorts 5. JON LAZAM: Hindi Sa Atin Ang Buwan [The Moon Is Not Ours]
Premiere 5: SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR - Roy Andersson (Sweden)

3pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis F
Silvershorts 6. JET LEYCO: Patlang [Blank]
Premiere 6: THE MODERN LIFE - Raymond Depardon (France, 1hr28mins)

5pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis G
Silvershorts 7. GYM LUMBERA: Dahil Sa ‘Yo [Because Of You]
Premiere 7: Jet Leyco: EX PRESS

7pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis H
Silvershorts Grand Prize

September 6, Tuesday

1pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis I
Silvershorts 8. MARK MIRABUENOS: Gupit [Cut]
Premiere 9: THE TREE OF WOODEN CLOGS – Ermanno Olmi (Italy, 186min)

3pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis J
Silvershorts 9. LITO TABAY: Undo
Premiere 10: EDWIN’S SHORTS – Edwin (Indonesia)

5pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis K
Silvershorts 10. ALVIN YAPAN: Panibugho [Jealousy]
Premiere 11: CORRESPONDENCE - Jose Luis Guerin & Jonas Mekas (Spain / USA, 1hr 18mins)

7pm, Cine Adarna
Nikalexis L
Silvershorts Grand Prize
Premiere 12: Closing Film: John Torres: MAPANG-AKIT

For Tickets, Contact: Edmer (09154430001)
For more info visit: http://www.facebook.com/MovFest


Sept 2-3 Fri-Sat; Sept 5-6 Mon-Tue / 1 - 9pm

Free Admission

NIKALEXIS: Sixty Seconds of Silence for Alexis Tioseco & Nika Bohinc
One-minute short films by Raymond Red, Monster Jimenez,
Kiri Dalena, et al
Short films by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand), John Gianvito (USA), & Hanna Slak (Slovenia), Lav Diaz, Khavn De La Cruz, & Paolo Villaluna (Philippines)