UP Film Institute’s Statement on the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Controversy | January 2016


We, film educators, media practitioners, and students of the UP Film Institute (UPFI), would like to express our concern on the recent issues surrounding the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) for the year 2015. These issues, if left unresolved, will jeopardize unity among members of the film industry and erode public faith in the integrity of the festival.

The following matters should be addressed by the organizers of the festival immediately. First are the issues that emanate from what seem to be arbitrary implementation of rules and regulations by the organizers of the festival. These came about because of the disqualification of the film Honor Thy Father by Reality Entertainment from the Best Picture category, as well as moviegoers’ alleged reports of ‘ticket switching’ involving the films Beauty and the Bestie and My Bebe Love favoring the former.

Second are the issues that could taint or destroy the integrity of some committee members of the festival, such as the hasty and premature pulling out of Nilalang and Honor Thy Father from major cinemas even before the festival screenings ended; and the alleged involvement of a festival committee member in the production of Walang Forever and Buy Now, Die Later.

Third are issues related to accountability. The MMFF committee should be able to explain to the public the reason behind the reduction of festival remittances to its intended beneficiaries in spite of a continuing increase in revenues.  Also,  why the festival is exempted from government audit though it involves the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Local Government Units (LGUs) in Metro Manila.

Last are the issues related to the commercialism that has characterized the festival for many years now. The original vision of the MMFF was defined by the MMFF founders thus: “the Metro Manila Film Festival is held during the Christmas Season in recognition of the role of the film industry in providing artistic depictions of both this country’s stories and history.”  But a critical interrogation of the corpus of films showcased at the festival shows a bias toward  “film as mere entertainment.”  Rather than promoting film as a social tool that can educate the audience and help them understand their own society, culture, and history.  The festival operates according to the dictates of the culture industry and capital.

UPFI calls on the MMFF organizers to take concrete, prompt,  and decisive steps to resolve  these issues. Further, the Institute also seeks both immediate and long-term reforms that will restore the integrity and credibility of the festival. Finally, the UPFI calls on members of the MMFF to uphold its declared vision by celebrating the best and the finest works of Filipino filmmakers. The Filipino audience deserves a cinema that truly serves the interest of the people and the nation.

UP Film Institute’s Statement on the 2015th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Controversy


UP Film Institute (UPFI) Faculty, Staff and Students

Sari Dalena

Choy Pangilinan

Dr. Rolando Tolentino

Dr. Nicanor Tiongson

Renan Saliva

Nick Deocampo

Yason Banal

Grace J. Alfonso

Rob Rownd

Melissa dela Merced

Anne G. De Guzman

Mark McKeown

Shirley Palileo-Evidente

Roehl Jamon

Ricky Lee

Ed Lejano

Digo RIcio

Ramon Bautista

Bernardo Bernardo

Lyle Sacris

Ed Cabagnot

Patrick F. Campos

Jedd Chris Dumaguina

Daniel Noriega

Fortunata  T. Mendiola

Nonoy L. Lauzon

Michelle Ortiz

Maria Elena B. Alvarez

Teodora Sobrepena

Napoleon Angat

Placida Sodoy

Manuel Cortez Jr.

Gina Villegas

Janette Pamaylaon

Jamela Tolentino

Hermana Dela Paz

Ma. Chrisome Hernaez

Irene B. Sia

Lyka  Mari C. Napinas

Marianita Cinco

Rosalilta Burlat

Louise Jashil Sonido

Alizsa Lyn M. Franco

Anabeth Bongon

Kimberly Ocampo

Miggy Hilario

Colleen O Abesamis

Abigail A. Mercado

Lloyd Evangelista

Ma. Adelina Facun

Anne Mae Catalan

 Raisa Kirste U. Aquino

Aragones, Calo L.

Maria Lara Pauline Bobier

Sarah Torres

Contreras Rafell Joy B.

Moises Anthony Cruz

Herwin Cabasal

Gershom  C. Chua

John Evan Dominic Regala

Jose Mari Pineda

Rod Singh

Mervin Aquino

Candice Lizada

Bernadine Torrente

Krysver Gomez

Rafael Tibayan

Miguel Garcia

Van Sulitas

Edelwin Joy Navarroo

Mosot, Ron Nigel V.

Alejo Barbaza

Jaeyoung Han

Jaekyeom Sim

Emily Fast

Mary Jo Salumbides

Marianne Diamante

Margarita Mina

Ezekiel T. Mercado

Gio Potes

Micah Magaro

Pay Cruz

Rom Trishtan T. Perez

Robe Nico Ray Z. Dagcuta

Rey Jerome Si

Vea Pauline Tanseco

Kat San Juan

CJ Catalon

Tine Dela Paz

Joanna Marie G. Robles

Revy Hizon Marata

Bernadette Anne T. Manlongat

Patricia Camille C. Cruz

Kristopher Jan V. Tulud

Alix Danielle I. Duplito

Juan Carlos Ojano

Josiah Gil Z. Hiponia

Carla Manalo

Pate Centeno

Rod Tumbaga

Pat Pamintuan

Moore Minglana

Rose Maurelle Alfonso

Pauli Roa

Denjamyr Aliῇo

Analou Sanchez

Angel Tomas

Baschia Mariano

Monique Evaristo

Mary Angelson Coronel

John Erickson Elagio

Isaga, Jr.

Glenn Pierre C. Samson

Gerard Angelo T. de Jesus

Ivy M. dela Cruz

Wenzel Vivien D. De Guzman

Dennis Joshua Dolot

John Daniel Chicombing

Paige Javier

Maria Karla M. Sabijon

Kat Catalan

Terence Bero

Jessa Mae Sargento

Lenar Guiao

Gerlin Mikaela C. Bongato

Stef Aranas

Kristine Pineda

Aristotle Cruz

John Patrick Mariano

Kate Lorraine T. Morado

Kristelle Laguda

Pat Pamintuan

Moore Mingalana

Errianne H. Rojo

Bernice Dy

Keeny Donato

Francoislito Awitan

Marian Plaza

Janelle Pangilinan

Kakai Gayon

Maku Chan

Ameth Asiddao

Mark Ramos

Clarist Mae Zablan

Daniel Boone

Danielle Militante

Robin  Quiᾕones

Mikko Ringia

Timothy Pacpaco

Reven Bryan dela Pena

Arvin Carlo Sicat

Grazelle Nicole Ruiz

Krystle Valentino

Christina Joy H. Tagunod

Maika Perdido

Aaron Wesley A. Garcia

Alex Poblete

Drestel Leigh O. Galang

Xzydaelle Dumabok

Tanya Macapagal

Jodian Rillo

Andre Yan

Issa Encarnacion

Carmela Perez

Marie Angelica B. Brigino

Mario Flores

Antonio Ayson

Rafael Magat

Nina Castaῆeda

Abby Madriaga

Vivien de Valle

Anje Marquez

Richard C. Cornelio

Michelle Ventigan

Juan Miguel Casiῆo

Lance Nathan Lim

Mariah Reodica

Erlie Angostura

Princess Camille Abrezo

Mary Anne Dumaup

Sigourney Mariano

Vera Yael P. Miῆoria

Iris Sisracon

Jannica Angela Caballero

Julian Christopher Torcuator

Jan Cheska Pomento

Shernielyn Dela CRuz

Ysabella Fernandez

Kurt Baῆez

Caselda Cruz

Russel Rence Calidguid

Hannah Mariel Hollero

Jan Andrei Cobey

Jade Acuna

Edsel Uy

Clyde Medina

Hannah Lea Yusi

Louis  Christian Garcia

Samantha Faye B. Bernal

Al Bernard Garcia

John Paolo Sanchez

Ashney Andrea Pisano

Blessing RIvera

Jonald  Rey Cagatan

Jamie S. Del Rosario

Ray David L. Hilnig

Jecil Dequito

Emmanuel Gregorio

Brandt Ivann Paul Aquino

Tomas Jeremiah Ang

Jade Tong

Rainne Setias

Jofre De Castro

William Harry M. Rigonan

Erika Ureta

Rafael Tolentino

Christopher Cuevas

Manuela Laine S.

Nicole F. Fadrilan

Rommel Joshua O. Castillo

Bernadette Patanag

UP CMC Department of Journalism

Danilo Arana Arao

Francine Chloe Ramirez

Jane Sharmaine Paden

Erwin S. Colcol

Celine Isabelle . Samson

Maverick Russel A. Flores

Gabriel Sante

Shara Cayetano

Alyssa Divina

Darien Mitchell C. Bas

Gemma  A. Esteban

Paul John Domalaom

Verlei Q. Retulin

Anna Biola

Maria Diosa Labiste

Patricia Aurora M. Cruz

Emylia Giselle G. Poblete

Margarette  Espiridion

Julia  Danielle Morano

Renee Cuisia

Denver Fajanilan

Yvette Morales

Yves G. Briones

Faith Esther J. Brown

Tessa Barre

Nicole Cortez

Mary Jay Fernandez

Maria Raiza G. Javier

Bryon Gonzales

Angelle Rose C. Braganza

Rhzchelle C. Belenzo

Frances Josephine E. Espeso


Bernadean Faatima C. Rabaja

Danica Uy

UP CMC Department of Communication Research

Jeannica Mae Rosario

Fernando Paragas

Jose R. Lacson Jr.

Jona Lou Labor

Violeda Umali

Maria Roscel S. San Pascual

UP CMC Department of Broadcast Communication

Boots Liquigan

Jansen Paulo Cusi

Hasnah Muti

Gian Carlo C. Librojo

Erianne Salazar

Reiou Regie  Manuel


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