J18 News in the New Century. Reading & understanding the news towards developing a critical public voice. 3u.

R   J100  History of the Press. Development of the news media, including Asia & the Philippines.   3 u.

R   J101   Introduction to Journalism.  Functions, principles and standards of journalism; types of news; reportorial skills.  Prerequisite: any course on English grammar and any course on Philippine History. 3 u.

R   J102   News Reporting.  Covering and writing the news.  Prerequisite: J101.  3 u.

J103   Interpretative Writing.  News analysis and commentary, including columns and editorials.  Prerequisite: J102.  3 u.

J105   Investigative Reporting.  Principles and techniques of investigative journalism. Prerequisite: J102.  3 u.

J107   Business Reporting.  Covering developments in business and industry. Prerequisite: J102, Econ 100.1.  3 u.

J109   Writing for Popular Audiences.  Principles and techniques of popularizing technical and scientific materials for general audiences and publication in the mass media. Prerequisite: JS/COI.  3 u.

R  J110   Journalism Ethics.  Analysis of ethical issues and problems in journalism.  Prerequisite: J102. 3 u.

J111   Feature Writing.  Principles and techniques of writing feature articles for newspapers and magazines. Prerequisite: any course on literature and the humanities.  3 u.

J112 Reporting on the Environment. Principles and techniques of writing news and feature articles about the environment. Prerequisite: J102. 3u.

J116 Computer-Assisted Reporting.  Principles and techniques in using database management software and the Internet in newsreporting. Prerequisite: J102. 3u.

J117 Online Journalism. News reporting and production for the Internet & the World Wide Web. Prerequisite: J102.  3 u.

R  J121   The Newsroom.  Copyediting, headline writing, simple layouting; evaluating the news, and planning news coverage. Prerequisite: J110.  3 u.

R   J122   Publication Design and Layout. Computer usage in designing newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, and websites. Prerequisite: J121.  3 u.

J123   Photojournalism.  Basic principles of photographic coverage of news events.   Prerequisite: J102, COI for non-majors.  3 u.

J133   Alternative Journalism.  Reporting for and about special audiences and development issues. Prerequisite: J102.  3 u.

J136   Community Press. History, development and present conditions of the community press in the Philippines, with practical application of journalism principles and techniques. Prerequisite: J102.  3 u.

J151   Advertising.  History, principles, management, and application of advertising processes.  Prerequisite: J102.  3 u.

J152   Public Information & Public Relations. Principles, ethics, processes, tools, techniques, and the practice of public relations, including public information. Prerequisite: J102, SS.  3 u.

J195   Specialized Reporting.  Writing for special newspaper & magazine sections, theory & practice.   3 u.

R  J196   Seminar.  Prerequisite: SS.  3 u.

R  J198   Journalism Internship.  Practicum in a news media establishment or advertising agency. Prerequisite: SS.  3 u.

R  J199   Research in Journalism.  Prerequisite: CR101, SS.   3 u.

R  J200   Thesis.  Prerequisite: J199.  3 u.