VISION-MISSION Statement of the Dept. of Journalism

VISION: The Department of Journalism will build its capability to become a full-blown Institute of Journalism that would continue its leadership and further lead in instruction in multimedia journalism and advances in media studies research, bearing in mind our dedication to academic excellence and service to the country; and that would uphold its commitment to a free and independent press, and the principles of ethics in the practice of journalism. MISSION: Towards this end: 1) The Department of Journalism will focus on curricular development through the following: a) constantly retooling its Bachelor of Arts in Journalism course to keep abreast of developments in multimedia journalism; b) building an on-line course in journalism; c) developing graduate courses in multimedia journalism. 2) The Department of Journalism will formulate a research agenda that would cover media studies and relevant media issues, and will promote research by its undergraduate and graduate students and the faculty along the lines of the department research agenda. 3) The Department of Journalism will promote faculty development by ensuring the pursuit and completion of graduate studies among its faculty, by formulating and implementing uniform standards in promotion and grant of faculty incentives, and by transparency in leadership -- always ensuring full access to information and participation in decision-making from and among the faculty. 4) The Department will continue to uphold its commitment to a free and independent press and the ethical practice of journalism through effective participation in the national and international debate in media issues as well as taking a stand whenever and wherever the right to a free and independent press is threatened. 5) The Department will widen its reach by having a presence online and by disseminating information on the curriculum, research, and its position papers in the various multimedia platforms including the free public platforms in the worldwide web. The general outline and principles contained in this vision-mission statement were approved by seven faculty members out of eight presently teaching, in a letter submitted by Marichu C. Lambino to the Dean on 30 June 2009.

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