A Critique on Philippine Mainstream Media Through the Use of Online Memes

Our project aims to expose and oppose the several different issues within today’s mainstream media in the Philippines. We highlighted what we believe are its most controversial issues; commercialism of the film industry, sensationalism in the news, media workers’ labor rights, redtagging and bias against activists, anti-LGBT homophobia, star system, content censorship and media blackouts, discourse on ‘indie’ vs. mainstream cinema, and the monopoly of power of the ruling elite.
Having seen the power of social media in ensuring the widest reach at the shortest period of time, we decided to use online memes as the medium for ourcritique.We were also greatly inspired by  these Facebook  pages:  BerlinArtParasites(facebook.com/berlinartparasites), Thought Catalog (thoughtcatalog.com),  as  well  as  its localized  version  in  the  Philippines, Utot  Catalog (facebook.com/UtotCatalog). All these online sources have gained a huge amount of following. Another  local Facebook  page that  came  to  our  attention  is  of  Marcelo  Santos  III (facebook.com/AkoSiMarceloSantosIII). Each of hisposts and statuses reach tens of thousands of views, likes and shares. His online memes especially get the most attention. He livens up the typical Filipino humor with his opinions on love, inspirational quotes and religiousadvices. And Pinoys love it.
This is how we came up with the idea to mimic the form of his online memes while injecting
social  relevance  into  its content.  We  shall  then  upload to  our  own  Facebook  accounts the  ten memes we have created and little by little politicize our friends and followers online with regards to the current state of the mainstream media in the Philippines.Finally, we plan on collating all their reactions and comments on the memes we shall be releasing.
Comm 140 Creative Output | 1Sem AY2014-15
(under Dean Roland Tolentino)
Submitted by:
Hiponia, Josiah Gil Z.
Non, Ana Patricia B.