#CMCat50 Grow for Gold - Tree Planting Activity Commemorating CMC's 50th Year | 19June2015 8:30am Plaridel Hall




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Prof. Evelyn Katigbak
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Prof. Luis Teodoro
Dr. Georgina Encanto
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Dr. Roland Tolentino
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Tree Planting


by Prof. Luis Teodoro

Over the last fifty years, from the turbulent 1960s when it was founded, and through the terrors of martial law, the promise of EDSA, and the restoration of elite rule, the College of Mass Communication has not only survived but has even more importantly also defined its fundamental responsibility to the Filipino people. That responsibility is summed up in its commitment to the defense of media freedom and the making of media for liberation--"midyang malaya at mapagpalaya"--in recognition of the human need for, and the media duty of, interpreting the world so an informed and free people can change it.

Never since the martial law period has that commitment been more vital and more relevant than today. The media are under threat not only from those forces that would silence journalists but also from practitioners' low skills levels and unethical practice, and the conflict between public and private interest inherent in a system of corporate ownership.

The result is an epidemic of inaccuracy, bias,  corruption,  incompetence and a focus on trivia,  which has reduced much of the dominant media into instruments of mass hypnosis, ignorance,  amnesia and stasis rather than as purveyors of understanding and change. Supposedly pillars of democracy,  the corporate media are the tools of oligarchic rule in perpetrating the  political and social structures that define the lives of millions of our countrymen and which condemn them to a long night of poverty, violence and injustice. Supposedly functioning in behalf of truth telling,  they spread falsehood and mendacity in behalf of their limited interests.

We need to recall not only today, on the 50th year of this College, but throughout each day, each week, each month and each year as well, CMC 's necessary role not only as the trainor of  ethical and professional practitioners, but also as the critical and informed monitor and public custodian of a media system that is failing to provide the people the information and interpretation  they need to make sense of the present as the necessary condition for the construction of an alternative state and future.

May this occasion not only be a celebration but --despite the difficulties and  perils inherent in that task--  also a reaffirmation by everyone of us --by the faculty, the students,  the administrative staff as well as our alumni-- that the College will continue to rise to the challenge of excellence, criticalness and relevance as it  enters its next decades. Fifty years from now may those who would have survived us be able to truly say that we were there when the people needed us most.  Mabuhay ang MassComm.

~ o ~
Inspirational Message at the Tree Planting to Celebrate CMC’s 50th Anniversary (June 19, 2015) by Dean Georgina Encanto

     Good morning everyone! Today we are celebrating a very important milestone in the life of our College and I can think of no more appropriate way to start the day than by tree planting. I thank Dean Tolentino for having thought of this ritual and also for leaving us with a beautiful garden in between the main building and the annex which he has named the Freedom of Information or FOI Garden and dedicated to the 32 journalists and media workers who were killed in the Ampatuan Massacre of 2009.

     Planting trees is necessary not only to sustain the environment. It is also an apt representation of what has been happening in the IMC now CMC since its establishment in 1965. It is an expression of optimism that whatever seeds are planted may grow into tall and sturdy trees. We are planting narra trees and Gina was telling me that we should also have planted kapok trees whose flowers when they bloom are red but unfortunately we couldn’t find saplings of them. Too bad we are not planting mustard seeds which though being the smallest can yet grow into trees under whose leaves the birds can sing and find shelter and, if they were here in CMC grounds, the students could sit under and chat or reflect on their projects and papers as well as on media issues.

    In a way all of us are mustard seeds (to borrow the parable from the Bible)  because we don’t know what will happen to what we plant. Some seeds may fall on rocky ground and die, others may be eaten by the birds or blown away by the wind, but others may fall on good soil and flourish.

    Our graduates who can be found as leaders in all practically all media organizations certainly have the capacity to shape and make our media responsible and transformative but they can also contribute to making our media deteriorate by their escapism and sensationalism, emphasis on the trivial and the irrelevant, lack of professionalism and failure to adhere to the ethical standards the public have a right to expect.

  Much has been accomplished in the 50 years of our existence. Who would ever have imagined that the journalism program established in 1965 would become the outstanding institution.

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Message by Dean Roland Tolentino

Mga dating dekano’t dekana, kasamahang guro, kawani, REPS, mga minamahal na mag-aaral,

            Happy birthday sa ating lahat, happy birthday sa ating Kolehiyo!

            Limampung taon ang nakararaan, sa kaarawan ni Jose Rizal, nang itinalaga ang pagkatatag ang mga programa sa Kolehiyo.  Ang layunin ng Republic Act 4379, “An Act Establishing An Institute of Mass Communication in the University of the Philippines”:

            “[W]hich shall provide professional and advanced training, research and extension services in the various media of communications, including the press, radio and television, and to inculcate and foster awareness of the ethical and social significance of, as well as responsibility in the use of these media.”

            Malayo na rin ang ating narating.  Pinakahitik ang ating bilang ng mga undergraduate at graduate programs, pinakamarami at pinamalawak ang ating mga fasilidad (apat na buildings, isang Film Center, at isang DZUP Tower), at natatangi tayo sa kalidad ng ating graduates at alumni.  Sila ang nasa pamunuan ng mga industriya ng midya, nasa civil society at alternative media.  May ilang nagbuwis ng kanilang buhay para sa bayan, at si Maricon Montajes, isang mag-aaral ng Film, ay patuloy na nakakulong sa Batangas Provincial Jail.  Patuloy  na itinataguyod ang malaya at mapagpalayang midya sa pagtahak ng mga alagad ng midya sa paglilingkod sa sambayanan.

            Kung tao ang Maskom, nagsisimula nang humabol ang edad sa katawan.  Pero dahil institusyon ang Maskom, patuloy itong umaalagwa sa higit pang kagalingan sa ethika, profesyonalismo at inobasyon sa midya.  Hindi man sa ating alumni ang pag-aari ng komersyal na midya, sila naman ang nagbibigay-konsyensya’t direksyon sa tinatahak ng mga ito.  Parati kong sinasabi, mapalad tayo na hindi lamang natin nasaksihan ang pagdiriwang na ito, tayo pa ay kabahagi ng katotohanan ng pag-abot sa gintong edad ng Maskom. 

            Bahagi ng pagtataguyod ng unang 50 taon ng Maskom ay ang pagtiyak na mananatili ito sa kanyang maningning na espasyo sa edukasyong midya at komunikasyon.  At sa susunod pang 50 taon, ang higit pang tahakin ang lumalaking papel ng midya sa globalisasyon ng humanidad at pambansang ugnayan. 

            Magtatanim tayo ng 50 puno ng narra bilang simbolikong pagtahak sa higit pang maaring matanaw at maabot ng Maskom.  Marami sa atin ay wala na marahil para matunghayan ang lilim at pagyabong ng mga puno sa hinaharap.  Ito naman ang gawain sa paglagi sa Kolehiyo at U.P., ang mapunla ng higit pang kagalingan para sa hinaharap.  Para sa susunod pang mga henerasyon ng mag-aaral, fakulti, kawani, REPS at alumni ang mga ito.  Ito ang pamana ng mga naunang pagsisikap at ng ating kasalukuyang pagpupursigi.

            Mahal natin ang Maskom dahil mahal natin ang Kolehiyo kaya mahal natin an gating mga trabaho at gawain.    

            Mabuhay ang Maskom, mabuhay ang U.P., mabuhay ang malaya at mapagpalayang midya!

photo credits: Fritz Abarca, Pat Pamintuan, Moore Minglana, Katherine Gutlay & Arman Hirao