Taiwan Film Fest Opening Remarks

Members of the diplomatic corps, friends in media, colleagues in the university, guests,

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the UP Film Center, the exhibition arm of the academic
program of the Film Institute under the College of Mass Communication. It is always exciting for me
to attend film screenings at the Film Center, tailor-fitted by programmers, such as this Taiwan Film
Festival. The mandate of the Film Institute is to create a film literacy program for the University. With
the cooperation of various embassies and offices, such as South Africa, Iran, South Korea, France,
Canada, Japan, Brazil, and now the Republic of China, we have expanded our objective of generating film
awareness not just for our students, faculty and community in the University. The Film Center remains a
vital hub in this side of Metro Manila, and now even farther in Rizal and nearby areas of Northern Luzon.

The films of Taiwan continue to inspire filmmakers elsewhere, including the Philippines. Philippine
independent or indie cinema draws influence from the various new waves in which Taiwan was and
still remains an important part of the global movement that challenged the dominance of Hollywood
and the commercial movie industry. Hong Kong and Philippine cinema bloomed in the 70s, and as
the flowering declined, Taiwan took over in the 1980s. The Taiwanese new wave in the 1980s would
become the Second New Wave in the 1990s. At present, Taiwan is enjoying commercial and critical

The Philippines remains a trailblazer in the advent of the new digital technology. As in most Southeast
Asian and East Asian countries, digital films are changing the landscape of filmmaking and film-viewing
experience. We hope for greater collaboration and exchanges with other countries to be able to draw
the best practices with this new and evolving technology.

This Taiwan Film Festival is short and sweet, just to wet the appetite to generate a greater interest in
this vital cinema. We look forward to exhibit more of the Taiwanese films in the future.

Again, welcome to UP and the Film Center.