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J18 News in the New Century. Reading & understanding the news towards developing a critical public voice. 3u.

R   J100  History of the Press. Development of the news media, including Asia & the Philippines.   3 u.

R   J101   Introduction to Journalism.  Functions, principles and standards of journalism; types of news; reportorial skills.  Prerequisite: any course on English grammar and any course on Philippine History. 3 u.

UP GAWAD PLARIDEL honors Lola Sela on July 20, 2011


The annual U.P. GAWAD PLARIDEL is organized by the U.P. College of Mass Communication (CMC). It is the University’s way of recognizing the achievements of an outstanding practitioner from print, radio, film, television, or the new media. 

Admission Policies / Requirements




Graduate Level:

Admission to the GRADUATE PROGRAMS

MA in Communication


An applicant admitted to the MA Communication (Communication Research) program whose undergraduate degree was not received from the College, is required to take the courses Communication 140 and Communication 201 prior to enrollment in major courses. An applicant admitted to this program who does not have a background in Communication is likewise requred to take the said prerequisites. 

For details on the documents and other requirements needed, please contact the Department of Communication Research through the College trunkline.

Admission Requirements to the MA Media Studies Program, FILM


An applicant admitted to the MA Media Studies (Film) program who does not have a background in film is required to take the undergraduate courses Film 100 (Introduction to Film), Film 102 (History of Philippines Cnema), Film 110 (Basic Photography) and Film 112 (Language and Grammar of Film) prior to enrollment in major courses. However, one or more of these undergraduate courses may be waived if the applicant has both practical experience and a Bachelor's degree in a related field, such as Communication.