Admission to MA Media Studies Program, Broadcast

An applicant to the MA Media Studies (Broadcasting) program, who does not have either a Bachelor's degree or work experience in Broadcasting is required to take the graduate courses BC 201 and BC 203 prior to enrolment in major courses. However, s/he may take cognates or electives together with the aforementioned required subjects.

Requirements for Admission to the Undergraduate programs






Admission to the Graduate Program (MA and PhD)


MA Communication (MA Comm) Applicants

BC Faculty holds Summer Workshop

The BC Faculty met for three days in Tagaytay to review the achievements, issues and curricula of AY 2010-2011, and created new plans and strategies for the coming school year. 

The Faculty discussed the possibility of creating new projects and events, such as the BC Week and the Kritika Festival, how to beef up DZUP Operations and reach a wider audience, and continuously innovate in the classes offered year to year.

MA Media Studies Program

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Admission Requirements to the Undergraduate Programs (BA)

Prospective students who pass the UPCAT and satisfy the grade requirement for their chosen program are accepted into the college.

Shiftees and transferee applications are accepted only before the first semester of every academic year. Admission exams and interview schdules are posted as early as February every year. Please check the website or visit the CMC administration office for details and announcements.


Admission Requirements to the Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs

Applicants to any of the Graduate programs should exemplify a very high degree of accomplishment in the desired field of study and must pass a series of in-depth interviews conducted by a distinguished faculty panel and written examinations to be administered by a faculty committee from each program.

Post Graduate Degrees (PhD)

A student is required to complete the following coursework and research units to graduate with a PhD degree.

1. Completion of a Program of Study guided by a member of the CMC Faculty with the same, or similar, research agenda.

Residency Requirements for the MA Comm and MA Media Studies Program

Once admitted, students in the MA MS degree will be required to complete 39 units of coursework, including a successfully defended Master's thesis. Admitted students in the MA Comm degree will be required to complete 36 units of coursework, including a successfully defended Master's Thesis.