How we broke up: An analysis of Filipino and foreign break up movies

Film 12 Creative Output
1st Sem AY 2014-15
Submitted by:
Abogado, Yel
Aguirre, Ina
Dalan, Medj
Magbanua, Elonah
Salvador, JP
Santillan, Ria
Sevilla, Marvin
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Creative Output (2014)
Produced by:
HenryKing Sicad
Erika Balankig
Krystle Valentino
Nida Ruiz
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From Agham Rd, Where to Now?

A Creative Project Prepared for Comm140 Class
First Semester AY 2014-15 (under Dean Roland Tolentino)

Submitted by:
Alasagas, Ivy
Cabotage, Mhai
Cabujat, Mara
Laya, Sharmaine

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Hitler Rants About the Media

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A Critique on Philippine Mainstream Media Through the Use of Online Memes

Our project aims to expose and oppose the several different issues within today’s mainstream media in the Philippines. We highlighted what we believe are its most controversial issues; commercialism of the film industry, sensationalism in the news, media workers’ labor rights, redtagging and bias against activists, anti-LGBT homophobia, star system, content censorship and media blackouts, discourse on ‘indie’ vs. mainstream cinema, and the monopoly of power of the ruling elite.

Social media, the foregrounding of the self, and the foreclosure of political struggle

Today’s generation is one that cannot be separated from the online world. This interconnectivity manifests itself primarily through social media, which has become a staple in the daily routine of most people and where, with a click of a button, users are afforded the ability to craft online profiles and relationships with each other.

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We filmed a poetic documentary depicting the representation of women in media specifically in film, television and print. We used both foreign and local examples from movies, advertising and broadcast media. The poem used for the voice-over tackles the cultural idea of femininity and stereotypes of women in media. In film, we are portrayed as sex objects, domestic slaves and supermoms. In advertising, women’s bodies are hypersexualized for the sake of shock value to gain profit. The bodies are commonly tiny, voluptuous and white with a small waistline.

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"No Filter is about loving yourself in a world where media tells you not to, where impossible beauty standards are plastered across different mediums to further capitalism and rake in more money. Selfies become a way to combat these harsh standards, reaffirming self-confidence and love. The zine is a collection of selfies and personal essays that revolve around this theme."

Submitted by: Shara Cayetano, July Franz Diva, Jeriesa Osorio, Bettina Someros

Comm 140 class output | 1S2014-15 (under Dean Roland B. Tolentino)

Talumpati sa Gawad Plaridel 2011 - Eloisa Cruz Canlas

UP Gawad Plaridel awardee Eloisa Canlas, Pangulong Alfredo Pascual, Chancellor Caesar Saloma, ang
nakaraang Gawad Plaridel awardee Kidlat Tahimik, mga kasamang ofisyal, kaguro, estudyante, kawani sa
Unibersidad, mga kaibigan at bisita,

Nelson Mandela Day 2011

Chancellor Ceasar Saloma, Chancellor UP Diliman; Her Excellency Agnes Nyamande-Pitso of the Embassy
of South Africa, members of the diplomatic corps; UP officials, faculty, staff, students, guests and