A Critique on Philippine Mainstream Media Through the Use of Online Memes

Our project aims to expose and oppose the several different issues within today’s mainstream media in the Philippines. We highlighted what we believe are its most controversial issues; commercialism of the film industry, sensationalism in the news, media workers’ labor rights, redtagging and bias against activists, anti-LGBT homophobia, star system, content censorship and media blackouts, discourse on ‘indie’ vs. mainstream cinema, and the monopoly of power of the ruling elite.


We filmed a poetic documentary depicting the representation of women in media specifically in film, television and print. We used both foreign and local examples from movies, advertising and broadcast media. The poem used for the voice-over tackles the cultural idea of femininity and stereotypes of women in media. In film, we are portrayed as sex objects, domestic slaves and supermoms. In advertising, women’s bodies are hypersexualized for the sake of shock value to gain profit. The bodies are commonly tiny, voluptuous and white with a small waistline.

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